Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fraud of Norton Law Group

- They claim to make phone calls to the bank on your behalf, but when you say you called to the bank to verify or something and the bank has no record of any one contacting them from the Norton law firm, they turn around an tell you they deal with the negotiators and that the bank operator wouldn't have access to such info........ that is bull every thing is noted down in the bank system. Norton law group doesn't have a special negotiators that you can't talk to. And norton law group wont release the name either of this negotiators.

- They do not file any paper work until it is forced into the final days and then the request a Deed in Lieu, which if you ask any other attorney is the last thing you want to do. it makes your credit score worst and doesn't clean it up like Kyle and his associates claim.

-After they get your money, don't expect them to return your phone calls.
-They cancel appointments while you are in there reception area.


Kyle Norton esq attorney at law
Kevin O'Rourke
Norton Law Group PLLC.
68 East Suffolk Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722
631-979-3995 fax

there has been 2 complaint register to them also at the better buisness burial